The Perfect Reuben Sandwich

The Perfect Reuben Sandwich

Have you ever wondered how this sandwich became so popular? Well, besides being so freakishly delicious, it is because you can prepare it every way you want.

The Perfect Reuben Sandwich Recipe

Everyone has their own favorite deli to eat a Reuben Sandwich at, but I can assure you, you can prepare your very own and it will be just as delicious!

The Meat

The best Reuben Sandwich Recipe starts with great quality meat! Don’t settle for anything less than perfect meat! The classic Reuben Sandwich Recipe calls for corned beef. If you haven’t come across the term, you might get confused and think that it has something to do with corn. But actually, the term is connected to the granules of salt that are used to cure it. The best way to do this is either buy it from a butcher you trust, or try shopping online from a source someone has already tried. Many people would replace corned beef with pastrami or turkey even, but these are definitely not my first choice! And don’t forget this: slice the meat as thin as possible!

The Bread

Although the best bread you can use to make your own homemade Reuben sandwich is Jewish rye, you can also go for other variants. Although good quality bread is important, it is not of vital importance. Why? Well, because you will butter and toast it, you won’t even notice the difference!

The Veggies

You can go for either coleslaw or sauerkraut, it is all a matter of preference, although the original recipe included sauerkraut. Make sure you get rid of the extra juices before you layer the veggies in the sandwich.

The Perfect Reuben Sandwich Dressing

A Reuben Sandwich recipe won’t be tasty if there is not a nice amount of dressing in it. And by that, I mean the dressing dripping from all sides as soon as you take a bite. But if you are not the messy piggy type like I am, then maybe following these instructions will help you prepare the perfect Reuben Sandwich.

According to the post, you should not go overboard with the layering. The bigger the sandwich, the more difficult to handle! What I also found out is that you should eat it no longer than ten minutes after it’s been made. If you do so, the sandwich will be soggy and lukewarm and not tasty at all!

Don’t be afraid to experiment, although many people swear by the Russian dressing, feel free to make it less spicy and more on the sweet side. Omit the red pepper and add onion and garlic powder to get an aromatic flavor. Don’t forget to serve your Reuben sandwich with dill pickles for the ultimate experience.

An extra tip that I am giving out for free :p is to prepare baked potatoes as a side dish. Just put them in an oven safe bowl, add a bit of olive oil and add carrots, and spices, a slice of butter and voila you have the perfect side dish to go with your Reuben sandwich J

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