Pancakes: The Treat We all Need

Is there anything that can top a delicious pancake stack in the morning? The answer is: yes! A delicious pancake stack in the afternoon, or in the evening, or anytime possible! I love these babies so much that I feel like I could eat them every day all day long. And to be able to do this, I need as many pancake recipes as possible, and a few trick and tips are surely welcomed. The solution? Search the web! That’s how I discovered The Ultimate Guide to Perfect Pancake Recipes, an article that helped me with both recipes and tips and tricks.

What You Need for the Perfect Pancake


There are many factors you should take into consideration when preparing pancakes, and many of them apply to all recipes.

First of all, you should have the right pan. As the post said, the perfect pancake pan would be wide enough, non-stick, and heavy-bottomed. Of course, no one wants their pancakes to stick to the bottom of the pan, and if the bottom is too thin, the pancakes will be more exposed to the heat of the stove and logically, they will be more prone to burning. Next to the perfect pan is choosing the perfect spatula, in this case, a silicone or rubber spatula.

A pancake recipe cannot be called a good recipe if it doesn’t produce fluffy pancakes. And to get the fluffiest stack, you should use either buttermilk, Greek yogurt or baking powder or baking soda.

The Ultimate Pancake Recipe

The best pancake recipe I have ever made, or tasted for that matter, is the one that included the following simple ingredients: A cup of Greek yogurt, one large egg, 2 cups of all purpose flour, three tablespoons of coconut oil and half a teaspoon of baking soda and the same amount of salt.

It seems pretty usual so far, right? Well what makes this pancake recipe stand out is the fact that it calls for whole blueberries to be added in the batter itself. Fold the berries in right after you’ve poured the batter into the skillet. Get ready for the freshest, most delicious treat you have ever tried. Top these with pure maple syrup and some more blueberries and you are good to go.

This recipe has a strawberry counterpart as well. Make sure you slice the strawberries into 4 thin slices and proceed to fold them into the batter as you would the blueberries. Now, these would pair perfectly together with some whipped cream on top, or a better idea still, chocolate syrup. There is definitely no smell tastier and more inviting than that of roasted strawberries.

Regardless of whether you are a cooking pro or a newbie in the cooking world, there are never enough recipes nor cooking tips and tricks! Every day is an opportunity to learn a new trick and a new recipe. So go ahead and surprise your family with either blueberry or strawberry pancakes!

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